The best properties on costa del sol

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The best properties on costa del sol

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The best properties on costa del sol

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Welcome to Kazan Studio

Kazan Studio specializes in real estate on Costa del Sol, if you are looking to invest in a property or find your dream home on Costa del Sol leave the search to our experienced dedicated team, that will guide you through the whole process stress free, so you can enjoy the beautiful weather, spectacular scenery and amazing food that South of Spain has to offer.

Our International team speaks English, French, Russian, German and Spanish and we have representatives in Montreal, Toronto, Bamburg, Moscow and Kiev.

With many years of experience in real estate combined with knowledge of Costa del Sol Properties we will offer that valuable experience and expertise to you in finding your dream home or make a great investment and manage it for you as well, so you don’t have to look for different companies to do these tasks for you. Even if you find interesting properties on the internet or in magazines we can take charge of organizing the viewing of those properties in order to avoid having to deal with multiple agencies. We will be your unique contact point.

Right to work

The investors’ spouse (or person with a similar relationship), children under 18 years (and over 18 years if economically dependent) and other member of the family can also obtain the Golden Visa / Residency Permit, thus enabling the entire family to benefit from the scheme and so entitle them to work in Spain.

Visa Free

The Schengen zone is the group of 26 European countries that have abolished passport and immigration controls at their common borders.
So by obtaining the Spanish visa you will get visa-free travel across all these 26 European countries.

Better lifestyle

Spain consistently ranks as one of the world most desirable places to live, thanks to its excellent quality of life, enviable year-round nice weather, renewed gastronomy and beautiful beaches. Spain also boasts excellent infrastructure and good travel links to the rest of Europe.

Excellent international schools

Spain boasts many international schools that are considered to be among the most renown throughout Europe. Depending which international school you choose for your kids, they can either follow the Spanish education system with the language of instruction being a mix of English and Spanish.


Ruth and Glen H.
We were on a trip to Malaga for some beautiful beaches, great food, amazing culture and ended up with a vacation property. Ole made a great selection of the properties for us to see, so it only took a few days to find what we like, now Malaga is home away from home to us, during the whole process Kazan Studio team were very punctual, professional and most importantly caring. Thank you and looking forward to see you soon.
Natalia and Anna R.
It’s always been our dream to have a home on Costa del Sol, but not until we met Elena from Kazan Studio, that dream is now a reality, not only that we bought our dream home we became residence of EU and our family enjoying Visa free travel through out EU countries. Elena navigated us through buying and immigration issues which we didn’t even expect. With no hesitation we would recommend Kazan Studio as your real estate company. Thank you for helping us to realize our dream.
Amelia M.
I have been to Malaga many times and from time to time I’d look at the post on the windows of real estate companies, but
never found what I would like for my family, then I met Maria in Toronto who offered me help in Malaga. Now I know that no one knows better Canadians then Canadians themselves, Ole from Malaga office met us at the airport and from there on within a week we purchased our home in Mijas Costa with unbelievable sea views. This home is now even making us money, who would think we could have our European vacations for free now.
Thank you great people at Kazan Studio.

Questions and answers

Can I purchase through an off-shore company or non-resident company?
Yes you can, as long as the properties purchased have a combined value of 500,000€ or more you will be eligible for the Golden Visa.
How soon after my property purchase can I apply for residency?
Within 6 to 8 weeks from purchase, when title deed is issued by the local municipality.
What are the benefits of submitting an application?
After submitting an application you gain legal right to stay in Spain and EU, as long as you maintain initial investment of 500000 Euro
How long is this residency valid for?
The residency can be extended after initial residency permit for additional 2 years and a permanent residence status can be gained after 5 years and eventually leading to a citizenship.
If a husband and wife purchase a property with a value of 800,000 are we both eligible for Residency?
Yes, the investors and dependant children under age of 18th being covered under the same investor’s Golden Visa Program

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